Terms and Conditions


  • All dealings with Movers On Demand are subject to our standard terms and conditions. Please take the time to read and understand each one.
  • This is a provisional quote based only on information received from you.
  • All services are subject to be re-quoted when we arrive to find the information we received was not complete or incorrect.
  • Therefore please ensure that all your information is correct before we arrive because we will only handle what we have quoted for.
  • This quote is not a confirmed booking until we confirm all the details and we receive your 50% booking deposit.
  • Your booking deposit confirms our charges, the list, the date, time and any special arrangements.
  • Please ensure that all correspondence is confirmed in writing.
  • Your quote only applies to the date and time we discussed.
  • Times mentioned, are proposed only as a guide and these times could vary by up to 3 hours in serious circumstances. You will be well updated.

Inventory list

  • Please take time to complete an accurate inventory list because our staffs have instructions to move only goods that are listed.
  • After we have loaded our list and we find there is space to move the extra things, we will quote you for it and only move it when you accept the charges.
  • We estimate standard weights and sizes of furniture when calculating quotes.
  • Heavy items not declared beforehand will only be moved once we re-quote and you accept the new charges.
  • Our quote applies to goods that three men can carry and load easily. Anything heavier that needs more people must be declared so we can send enough staff for it.

Booking and payment

  • Once all details of the move are received and we discussed all special arrangements, we send you our terms and conditions to read and accept.
  • We need a 50% booking deposit, paid into our bank account to secure the arrangement.
  • Only after receiving your deposit is your booking confirmed.
  • The remaining 50%, including any extra charges needs to be settled after the job is done
  • The balance can be paid to our supervisor in cash or via eft and payment confirmation emailed to Maphetla@moversondemand.co.za.
  • We do not accept cheques or cheque deposits whatsoever.


  • All goods must be prepared for transport by the time our team arrives.
  • Your quote does not include us disconnecting, dismantling, unplugging, sealing or packing of any goods unless we agree to do so in the service agreement.
  • Unpack and defrost your fridge, dismantle your sleigh or bunk bed.
  • Check that all your goods will fit through doorways, passages etc at both places.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for parking of the truck, booking service lift, informing body corporate etc.
  • Have all your small loose items packed into boxes and sealed properly.
  • Please pack your boxes carefully with enough padding. Use enough tape to avoid the boxes opening while being moved.

Vehicle access

  • This quote applies only to a free standing, ground floor address with access for our moving truck unless we are told beforehand about stairs or access restrictions.
  • To avoid serious delays, please check and inform us beforehand if there are any access restrictions at the security gate of the estate or complex.
  • The truck should be allowed to enter the premises and be able to park at least 20 meters from the main door of the building.
  • In the case of access restriction for the truck, we can only stand for a maximum of three hours and we will re-quote you.

Building access

  • We will do our best carry furniture safely through a narrow doorway but if it just cannot fit, we will have to leave it outside that door for the client to make other arrangements.
  • We do not remove doors, or burglar gates as we might not always have the necessary skill and permission from the body corporate.
  • We will charge extra for the extra time and effort involved in hoisting goods up or down from balconies even if you were not aware the furniture will not fit through the door.
  • We do not take responsibility for goods damaged by hoisting goods up or down the stairs or balconies


  • Movers On Demand reserves the right to choose the vehicle used to collect, transport and deliver goods.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to be present to ensure that all items are loaded or offloaded by the time we leave as we will not return for things forgotten.
  • We charge extra for the extra kilometres and time involved in stopping over a different addresses along the way.
  • Please declare any extra stop so we can include it.


  • Goods that are not in their original packaging are considered to be in a used condition with some extent of existing dirt marks, scratches or damage.
  • Goods will be handled by Movers On Demand in their actual condition and we will not accept liability for existing damage or damage caused by old age. Where visible, we will notify you of any existing damage.
  • We provide protective wrapping of certain goods with moving blankets that could get damaged. Our supervisor will decide what to wrap at his own discretion.
  • We do not test any appliances beforehand and will therefore not be held responsible for electrical appliances that are found to be not working afterwards.
  • While we provide strong, trained movers, we cannot accept responsibility for damage or scratches while carrying something very heavy through a stairway or an obstructed path.
  • We take special care in handling all owner packed cartons and boxes, we accept no responsibility for the integrity of the contents of all packed boxes and cartons.
  • Special wrapping with bubble-wrap and plastic is done at an extra charge. Enquire with our office about charges.